How It Works


Buy or sell your favorite products. Follow your favorite trends, retailers, and friends.


Share products that you buy, sell, and love with your followers.  


Earn IOTΛ by selling products or connecting buyers and sellers.



Metamesh is your own personal storefront. Whether you are selling as a business, or as a hobby, Metamesh allows you to easily create listings. Simply upload a photo, fill in some details, and you are ready to go. The best part? Listings are free - we only take a fee once you complete a sale.



Metamesh is more than just a marketplace - it is also a social network. Join Metamesh to find items that are relevant to you. You can follow sellers that you like or invite your friends and create your own following. Metamesh is a new way to find and share products with your friends.




Sellers aren't the only ones who earn money on Metamesh. If one of your followers buys an item through a post that you shared, you will earn a commission once the sale is complete. Metamesh is the first online marketplace that lets you earn money directly from your social following!


Future of E-Commerce

At Metamesh we believe in moving technology forward. That is why all transactions on our platform will be performed using IOTΛ, a fee-less cryptocurrency. Using IOTΛ allows us to save money on payment processing and network transaction fees, which means more money in your pocket. Metamesh currently only supports IOTΛ, however we will add more fee-less cryptocurrencies in the future.